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Real Estate

Real Estate:

Definition and Real estate meaning?

Real estate is a form of immovable property attached to land and is any arrangement on land such as a building or other property. It includes everything from the minerals and water below the surface, the rocks and trees on the surface to the air in the atmosphere. There is a clear distinction between real estate and other property such as bank assets, cars, and jewelry, all of which differ in their existence from land.

In real estate, real refers to real property and is distinct from personal property, where an estate is any person’s interest in any real property.

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Real estate license:

Brokers and agents jumping into real estate need a real estate license that shows their legal status when representing sellers and buyers. A real estate license allows brokers and agents to continue their work. Licensing requirements vary from state to state and from country to country, requiring a thorough process.

What is real estate finance?

Real estate finance covers people buying houses. It is related to people who want to get involved in buying real estate. Whether it is raw land, a house in residential real estate or buying in commercial real estate. People who want to buy a house on mortgage find it difficult for them, then they need real estate finance.

What are real estate terms?

In real estate, where a complete system is contained within itself, words are used very much in this regard. Familiarity with these terms is very important to understand real estate. Some such words are explained below.

  • Closing: Closing is the final stage of buying a property, when the entire process reaches completion. When both parties approve the documents and the money is transferred to the seller. The seller clears the ownership of the property and the buyer becomes the legal claimant of the property.
  • Rent back: When the seller, who is now a tenant, asks the buyer for some lenient terms that allow him to stay in the house for some time after he has finished owning the house. The seller has no means of accommodation until such time and agrees to return the rent to the buyer. This includes the daily rate of rent and permission to stay in the house for a fixed period.
  • Seller’s disclosure: The seller’s disclosure is related to the property sold to satisfy the buyer. The seller is required not to hide anything from the buyer about the property which would later discourage him from buying it, even if it is likely to affect the price or purchase of the property. For example, water drainage problem, presence of vermin, smoke emission from industries causing problems.
  • Trust sale: In real estate, a trust sale is used to sell property that is sold to a trust rather than to an individual. A property trust is someone who owns the property and uses a trust sale to sell it.
  • Purchase and sale agreement: A contract of purchase and sale is concluded when the buyer and seller agree on the terms. They express that they are willing to buy and sell real estate. This contract gives concrete form to the terms that the buyer and the seller have to fulfill, the payment of money by the buyer and the transfer of property by the seller.
  • Proof of funds: Whenever a buyer shows his willingness to buy a house, he may need to have proof of funds, so that the seller knows that the buyer has the ability to purchase the property. This proof is usually a letter from the bank indicating the financial capacity of the buyer. Of course, those who are buying a house with their assets or property on mortgage will only show the amount that they will pay themselves.
  • Seller concession: The seller’s discount is the convenience offered to the buyer, which makes him ready to buy the house. The buyer demands that the seller pay the closing costs of the purchase, which he agrees to. In this way the buyer avoids paying the expenses.

Real estate attorney:

A real estate attorney is knowledgeable about real estate law and assists parties involved in a transaction. To understand the legal process of buying a real estate property, one can hire the services of a real estate attorney who has complete understanding of the transaction. A real estate attorney will use his professional expertise to review the authenticity of the documents and inform you of the legal implications of the transaction.

How does real estate work?

The land cannot become a real estate until there is some arrangement on this raw land. A real estate business can be bought or sold. Typically, small investors, developers, and governments claim ownership of real estate. Developers select raw land and improve it to make it attractive, then sell it when it gets people’s attention. The way real estate works is to add value to the purchased land by constructing a building on it and then sell it to earn more income. Developers rent out the house temporarily, income earners use it as a school, hospital or residence. When the value of the house increases and the offer of good profit starts shining, then it is sold. Some people keep renting the house as a source of transitory income until they move into it. It can range from a few houses to very large townhouses. Real estate is generally structured to meet people’s needs, secure capital, and increase capital.

Analysis  on the America real estate market:

“The United States of America is one of the most developed countries in the world. It is also known for having the most transparent market system in the world. Since many economies in the world are so integrated with American economies, a movement in the American markets has ripple effects all across the globe”.

Types of real estate:

Real estate is a piece of property, but it can be owned by a single person, and Condominiums can be individually owned in complex residential style.

Real estate is divided into four types according to purposes and uses.

Residential Real estate.

It is a property in its nature used for residential purposes. It includes land and management done on land includes buildings etc. It is distinctly different from commercial or industrial real estate in which land and buildings are used for the promotion of business activities but it can be just as profitable as them. Its purposes are limited to zoning for housing. This includes sole proprietorships, joint ventures, and private property, examples include single-family homes, townhouses, duplexes, fourplexes, and condos.

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Commercial Real Estate.

It is preferred to use this property on commercial and business basis. We can completely separate commercial real estate from residential real estate by allocating it as a workplace instead of a residence, leasing it out, and seeing it as an excellent opportunity for capital growth. Buildings and business activities are unlimited in commercial zoning and it has a particularly profitable vibe. It is often the case that commercial real estate is leased and the investor collects money from the business operators for a fixed period of time. Such as hotels, restaurants, markets and shopping malls, garages, hospitals, and offices.

Industrial Real Estate.

The productive buildings are erected on this property and the produce is also delivered. One of its purposes is research and storage. Generally it is established in a specific area of ​​the city where all the industrial activities are going on. Storage and distribution facilities for manufactured products occupy an important place in industrial real estate.

Vacant land:

The land which is free from buildings and not in use, lands that are vacant or used for agricultural production. This is the land on which no improvement was made. Farms, orchards, cattle yards, and land not in use.


What is Real estate market? How does real estate market work?

The real estate market is the process of buying and selling real estate in which brokers and agents offer and acquire properties to buyers and sellers. The price of real estate cannot stay at one point, there are ups and downs on it. Any new project that is done to improve the land can increase the value of the land. Similarly, when there is unrest in the area, people will not prefer to buy a house there, it will reduce its value. Generally, people prefer the real estate which has all the basic amenities like parks, libraries, hospitals, schools, pools, gyms, security systems.

Interest rates: A decrease in interest rates can give better opportunities to home buyers, thereby increasing the demand for real estate. Because the number of home buyers increases. It is important that people who want to buy a home with a mortgage are concerned with the interest rate they are buying. While an increase in the interest rate reduces the demand for buying a house, because it becomes difficult for people to buy a house.

Economy: This is one of the factors affecting real estate, it is certain that if the financial condition of people improves, they will be able to buy houses and the opposite situation will make real estate stagnant. Economy can be called as a yardstick to measure the real estate market.

Supply and demand: Supply and demand are two key components of the real estate market. If people are proving to be hasty in buying houses, then the real estate market is also moving, which will give voice to the heavy supply.

Location: Location cannot be ignored in real estate, people generally prefer to buy houses where business centers are near, real estate built near major educational institutions is always superior.

Government policies: Exemption given by the government or imposition of taxes does not excuse the real estate.

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Analysis of the global real estate market:

“The global real estate market grew from 3694.47 USD billion in 2022 to 3976.18 in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate of 7.6%”.

What is Real estate agent? How does a real estate agent work?

A real estate agent is a professional who closes deals for buyers and sellers, earning a percentage of the total price. It brings buyers and sellers together at one table, through which the buying and selling of real estate takes place. If you are interested in buying a house, then you should consult a real estate agent, the real estate agent will not only help you in buying the house of your choice, but also help you choose the best area. Because he has information about all those areas of a city where houses are available for sale. With the help of a real estate agent, you will save yourself a lot of trouble. The real estate agent who works with the seller of the property will outline the ways in which the buyer can access the property. He can also ask the seller to keep the price of the property reasonable, increase or decrease it. He must protect his own and the seller’s interests, a listing real estate agent does not want the property to sell for nothing. An agent who works for a buyer, finds a property according to his preferences. He sees what the average selling price of properties in the area is and how much additional money can be paid to buy the desired location. He will review all properties for sale, inform the buyer of this review, and give his advice on choosing someone to buy.

Real estate investing: How to invest in real estate?

There are many ways to invest in real estate, you can buy it for your residence, or you can buy and rent out the property to generate income for yourself, or you can buy the property yourself to settle the estate world. Any type of investment you must know how to invest.

  • Net profit from raw land:

If you buy raw land and own it for some time. Do not make any kind of constructions on it. When after some time the value of the land increases and you are offered a profit, sell it, that will be your net profit from the raw land.

  • Construction of the house:

If you have purchased the land but currently you have scarce resources to build a house on the land. So for that, let the land remain raw for some time and start saving money. Or you can continue the construction work slowly. This is useful for you even when you are living in a rented house, you can save a little bit of money for doing so.

  • What is real estate investment trust?

It is the best way to make profitable and cheap investment in real estate. For this, you don’t need to buy land, you don’t need to build anything, and you don’t need to go adjuration of a real estate agent. You simply buy REIT shares, and earn a decent income. The REIT will pay you dividends after paying taxes. A REIT will invest that capital in commercial real estate and rent it out after buying a shopping mall, offices or any other commercial building. Thus, REIT will channelize your capital in a profitable direction.

  • Rental properties:

If you want to make a profitable investment in real estate, then rental property can boost your motivation. Along with the lure of profit, there can be some hassles, such as finding a tenant and leaving your property if the tenant can’t make a profit. This way you will lose income. Business trends will also affect your income.

  • Crowdfunding real estate platforms:

Investors in crowdfunding real estate platforms will prepare you to invest in a specific type of real estate. They will take money from big investors and settle with you for few years. You will not ask for refund before the specified time. Internet will be used for this purpose, it is basically online investing. Investors will make you a shareholder in the real estate property.


Keto Diet

Keto Diet:

What is keto diet? How to do keto diet?

A ketogenic diet involves consuming very little carbohydrates and replacing them with fat to help your body burn fat for energy. A ketogenic diet, in which the amount of carbohydrates is reduced while a diet high in protein is increased to speed up the process of breaking down fat. The keto diet lifestyle recommends an average of 70-80% of daily calories from fat, 5-10% from carbohydrates, and 10-20% from protein.

To do a keto diet, choose foods that are stingless in carbohydrates. The daily amount of carbohydrates in a ketogenic diet is kept below 50 grams. Fat is the most caloric source of a ketogenic diet, while carbohydrates are limited.

Keto basics: How does keto diet work?

The main goal of keto is to use fats to provide energy to the body. Ketogenic diets tend to be low in carbs and high in fat. Their function is to put the body into a metabolic state which promotes the melting of fat to provide the body with energy. Metabolic processes stimulate the burning of fats. Keto diet cause weight loss, loss of appetite, reduction of lipoproteins, and triglycerides. When a ketogenic diet is adopted and carbohydrates are avoided, the body begins to break down stored fat, creating ketones to use as energy.

Ketosis: What is ketogenesis?

Ketosis is a metabolic state that occurs when the body burns fat for energy. The body uses sugar for energy, we accrue this sugar by eating more carbohydrates. When the amount of sugar is insufficient for energy, the body burns fat to produce a compound called ketones.

Cells in the human body rely heavily on glucose for energy, so the keto diet encourages the body to convert fat in the liver into ketones and use it as energy. This process is called ketogenesis.

Keto diet for beginner’s? How to start keto diet?

Crinkle carbohydrate dependence and thriving in a high protein diet. Reduce the amount of carbohydrates to keep the ketosis process going. Increase your intake of healthy fats and protein. Drink plenty of water while making exercise a routine. Keep your perspective positive for Social Health.

Keto diet foods: What to eat on keto diet?

Foods chosen for the keto diet are high in fiber and B vitamins. This extra amount of fiber benefits the microbes that convert them into chemicals that promote positive health. Yogurt, nuts, and berries are good foods for the keto diet. Salmon and fish are rich in vitamin.


“There is no need to go to the gym or engage in physical activity because the diet focuses more on items to eat”.

What to avoid in keto diet?

Dairy milk and rice should not be consumed during the keto diet as they contain unlimited amounts of carbohydrates. Avoid starchy vegetables and fruits in the keto diet and rely on simple beverages.

We can also divide the ketogenic diet into four groups. Includes meat and eggs, vegetables and fruits, dairy products, and detached foods.

Meat and eggs: These foods are heavy in vitamins and protein while being free of carbohydrates. They also contain a lot of minerals. These foods are useful in improving mental health, maintaining proper blood sugar levels and eye diseases. Meat and seafood’s replaces foods that are high in sugar to keep the carbohydrate intake low.

Vegetables and fruits: Vegetables also contain additional minerals, but they are low in carbohydrates. They provide protection against a large number of free radicals. Non-starchy vegetables are excellent keto diet and health benefits. Tart fruits and some dry fruits can be chosen for keto diet. Celery, spinach, and cabbage are good keto-friendly vegetables.

Diary products: Cheese is completely free of carbohydrates and rich in fat, it is effective in reducing the risks of heart disease.


They do not contain any sugar and carbohydrates but also contain antioxidants.

Is the keto diet safe? Is the keto diet healthy?

Although keto diet has its efficacy, it is not safe. The keto diet can cause low blood pressure, kidney stones, and heart disease. Newbies to the keto diet can suffer from “keto flu”. The acidity of ketones is mainly responsible for causing bad breath and the absence of fiber causes constipation.

There are some factors that can be a hindrance in choosing a keto diet. Adopting a keto diet involves cutting out many foods that are full of carbohydrates. These carb-rich foods have more benefits than the keto diet.

Benefits of keto diets:

The keto diet is known as  the best diet for weight loss, but it is not limited to it. Keto diets can be a good helper in the prevention of certain diseases. Excess fat in the body is the cause of many diseases. Weight loss is essential to maintain good health and stay safe from disease, and keto diets play a key role in this.


  • When the body burns fat for energy, the reduction in fat content causes weight loss.
  • A low-carb diet can help protect against cancer.
  • Due to food restriction, people eat home food.

Weight loss:

The main role of keto diet for weight loss is to convert fat into energy, they use more calories to convert fat and protein into glucose, so they can be very effective for weight loss. Adequate carbohydrate intake is highly effective in reducing appetite. In the beginning, the amount of carbohydrates is kept between 20 to 50 grams and it takes two to four days.

Losing weight on keto diets is difficult because even if the weight loss is sustained over the course of five months, it is not permanent. Eating any other food can affect it. The perception of keto diets as losing 2 kg more weight than other diets is not very strong.


“For example, in a review of thermodynamic principles of weight loss, Feinman and Fine explain that low-carbohydrate diets have decreased insulin fluxes causing an increased rate of lipolysis. In other words, insulin inhibits lipolysis, and decreased insulin in low-carb diets causes increased fat breakdown”.


Alzheimer’s patients lack glucose in the brain, so ketones can be a better source of energy and can also reduce the oxidative burden that increases due to lack of energy. MCI cannot be linked to Alzheimer’s, but dependence on a high-sugar diet increases the risk of Alzheimer’s. Carbohydrate foods raise insulin resistance, while a diet high in healthy fats and protein can benefit insulin. Which will stimulate insulin to keep brain cells healthy.


Keto diets are safe and well-tolerated for cancer patients, and may help boost tumor response. The keto diet is the best treatment for cancer along with chemotherapy and radiation. A ketogenic diet provides the tumor with protein and fat, which it does not get from its preferred glucose, thus preventing it from spreading. Keto diets have a 4:1 ratio of fat, Which is more than carbohydrates, leading to tumor death. Keto diets have been shown to be effective against cancer treatments, slowing tumor growth, protecting the survival of healthy cells from chemotherapy or radiation therapy, and influencing the effects of prescribed cancer drugs. Keto diets are effective in brain, liver, and breast cancer, although they are not without some risks. Keto diets are insulin-rich, so cancer patients do not need to take insulin.

Heart disease: Does keto diet raise cholesterol?

Keto diets that are high in fat can help heart health by unwinding bad cholesterol levels and increasing good cholesterol. Keto diets work well because good cholesterol is bound to fat. These effects do not last for long which is twelve months. Keto diets lower the amount of triglycerides, a type of fat in the blood that is a risk factor for heart disease.

Keto can raise bad cholesterol and increase the risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack and clogged arteries.


The keto diet is helpful in acne, preventing the breakdown of acne by lowering insulin levels and affecting hormones. Keto diets help with acne by reducing inflammation caused by an excess of ketones. Excess insulin increases sebum, which causes acne breakouts, so a keto diet is effective in convolving sebum. Like many other substances that carry androgens and skin cells that lead to acne breakouts, keto diets inhibits their growth. An excess of IGF-1 does not promote healthy skin, and keto diets can bind its excess.


A low-carbohydrate diet can prevent blood sugar spikes, which can interact well with blood sugar-regulating medications. The keto diet has good properties for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, which is a positive for maintaining good health by lowering blood sugar levels. Some studies have shown that the effect of the keto diet, which lasts for 6 to 12 months, is not abiding, and that it also reduces the patient’s need for insulin.


Keto diets reduce the risk of seizures by reducing glutamate levels and increasing γ-amino butyric acid. High blood acid strengthens cell membranes, Which reduces the number of seizures, which can benefit children with epilepsy. Its effects can be seen very quickly, it remains unclear whether it will be effective or not. By stimulating the activity of ketones to provide a stable source of energy for the brain, ketones also reduce the number of free radicals that cause inflammation.

Keto diet disadvantages: Is keto diet bad for you?

We do not hesitate to adopt the keto diet because of its many advantages, but we cannot be brays from its hazards. The keto diet may not be accidence good because of the problems that arise, such as social isolation, eating away from family, and disordered eating.


  • A low-carb diet affects the performance of athletes, providing them with less energy.
  • A keto diet full of saturated fats raise cholesterol levels and increases the risk of heart disease.
  • The risk of kidney stones, constipation, and liver disease increases.
  • Excess dietary fat increases the risk of obesity, cancer and heart disease.


“Restrictive diets, including the keto diet, also put us at risk of not getting all the nutrients we need. If you imagine you must cut out the majority of the carbohydrates that you currently eat, think about what you would be cutting out”.

Keto flu:

Keto flu is a set of symptoms that occur in a row after adopting a keto diet. Symptoms of keto flu include headache, nausea, fatigue, and irregular heartbeat. Keto flu is caused by the body’s elimination of sugar and transfer to fat. Recommended tips for treating keto flu include drinking more water, relying more on a diet rich in vegetables, consuming drinks that are high in electrolytes, and making sure there are enough calories in the diet.

Electrolyte imbalance:

Deficiency of water and electrolytes occurs when the body adapts to a new source of energy, namely fat. In the case of a carbohydrate-deprived diet, the body will turn to glycogen or stored sugar for energy. The body stores excess sugar in the form of glycogen, which is stored in the body along with other water, potassium and magnesium. If the body loses excess water, the balance of electrolytes changes. The body’s transition to a new energy source, carbohydrates, which is keto, is associated with less insulin secretion in the body, which increases sodium excretion in the kidneys.

Adapting the body to a new mode:

Carbohydrate foods make glucose in the body, from which the body gets energy. Adopting a keto diet causes the body to feel the need for glucose, the symptoms of which are lack of energy, lethargy, and weakness.


While the keto diet has significant benefits, there are also some disadvantages. Keto diarrhea is associated with a high fat diet. This can cause changes in the digestive system, leading to diarrhea. Excess fat can be held responsible for the causes of keto diarrhea. It takes longer for the body to break down fat, which leads to problems in the digestive system. The process of breaking down fat takes root only when the liver releases bile. A high-fat diet stimulates the liver to produce more bile. This excess of bile stimulates the digestive system.

Harmful to the athletics:

When the fat-burning body is in the process of ketosis, acidity is also at its bloom, so athletic performance is affected.


“People on the ketogenic diet performed more poorly at anaerobic exercise tasks than those eating more carbs”.


Diabetic ketoacidosis can lead to death, which occurs due to a lack of insulin in the body, which is insufficient to use blood sugar as energy. This lack of insulin forces the body to use fat as energy, which creates acidic ketones. When the body burns fat, it stores ketones, which add acid to the blood. It is harmful to brain and kidneys. For people with diabetes, ketosis leads to a dangerous condition known as ketoacidosis. These symptoms include hypoglycemia, hypokalemia, and brain edema.

Weight gain again:

The weight loss caused by the keto diet is not stable, after two or three months the weight starts to increase again. There are several factors that can lead to weight gain, such as excess fat and oil consumption, excess calorie intake, and fluid retention.

Loss of muscle mass.

Ketosis only occurs when protein is high, but a lack of protein will result in loss of lean muscle mass. Relying on the keto diet for weight loss can cause severe loss of muscle mass, which burns more calories than fat. Resuming a high carb diet will also not build muscle.

Risks of heart disease and diabetes.

Fat-fraught keto diet not only increases cholesterol but also the bad type, LDL-C. It is also associated with the risk of diabetes. There are several factors that can lead to weight gain, such as excess fat and oil consumption, excess calorie intake, and fluid retention.

Keto insomnia:

Sleep-promoting chemicals such as tryptophan, melatonin, and phytonutrients are stimulated by a high-carbohydrate diet, and their activity is affected by the keto diet. Insomnia is related to the lack of carbohydrates in the keto diet, this lack of carbohydrates reduces L-Tryptophan which causes the body to produce the sleep aid hormone melatonin.

James E. Webb space telescope

James E. Webb Telescope:

What is James E. Webb telescope?

The James E. Webb Space Telescope, whose introduced in 2021, is a revolutionary observatory that will expand space exploration. The Webb being developed at a cost of 10 billion, has been named after former NASA administrator James E. Webb. James E. Webb led the Apollo program that landed the first man on the moon. As the James E. Webb Space Telescope prepares to launch into space, a new debate has erupted, with the former NASA chief criticized for promoting anti-LGBTQ policies during his tenure. People’s demand that the name of James E-Webb Space Telescope be changed, NASA denied that it will change the name of James E-Webb Space Telescope. The James E. Webb Space Telescope is the biggest telescope ever built. The Webb has a much larger mirror than Hubble, it is capable to look further back in time like Hubble, so it is a successor to Hubble but not a replacement.

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 The James E. Webb space telescope is surpass to the Hubble telescope because of its advantages, it is 100 times more powerful than the Hubble telescope, with a mirror three times wide, it is efficient to see fainter objects than the Hubble In addition to working at extremely cold levels, JWST revealed to expert astronomers about the early universe that there were two mysterious objects while Hubble showed only one galaxy. Webb can see more than any other telescope. The world’s biggest James E. Webb space telescope can see deeper into the universe.

Is James E. Webb an infrared telescope?

 Certainly, the James Webb Telescope is an infrared telescope, observing the universe at infrared wavelengths. Potentially, thus the Webb sees things that have never been seen before. The human eye cannot see infrared rays, but the Webb will be able to detect infrared rays from different systems of the solar system through its sensitive instruments. The Webb will observe the universe in the near-infrared and mid-infrared, that is, at wavelengths longer than visible light.

Resolution power and observing time; James E. Webb space telescope is equipped with extremely high resolution power, i.e., it is capable of distinguishing fine details in distant objects from 600nm to 80 microns. Another feature of James E. Webb that gives it an edge over Hubble is the observing time. Because Hubble orbits the Earth and spends half of its time in the Sun’s orbit, this limits its observing time. While James E. Webb is at the Lagrange point (L2), from which he can observe continuously without interference from any factor.

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The questions that the James E. Webb Space Telescope will answer:

Where and how do planetary systems form and evolve?

Is the Earth unique?

Are there other planetary systems like ours?

Are we alone in the universe?

What do the stars look like?

How do galaxies form?

How are stars and planets born?

Where and when did the first stars form?

Do exoplanets have atmospheres friendly to life?

How did the universe begin?


The James E. Webb could do better than other telescopes, its goals being to detect galaxies forming in the early universe and to see stars forming planetary systems. One of the main science objectives of the James E. Webb telescope is to study the formation of galaxies, stars, and planetary systems. As it becomes clear that stars have their own way of life, the Webb will reveal the truth about how these stars came into being. It will also used to study planets that are outside the solar system. The Webb will also be able to analyze the chemical composition of exoplanets’ atmospheres in the far infrared. NASA hopes that the web will not only reveal galaxies billions of years ago, but also explore the conditions at the time of the formation of the universe. How does our universe work? This is a strong effort to find answers to such questions. Built over a 25-year period, James E. Webb is instrumental in studying every stage of the universe’s history, from the first bright flashes after the Big Bang, to the constitute of the solar system capable of support life on planets like Earth, to the evolution of our own solar system. The James Webb Space Telescope’s task will be to investigate four main areas, including the first light in the universe, the formation of galaxies in the early universe, the creation of stars and dense gas circumstellar rotating protoplanetary disk, and planets. Hubble has been able to answer the question due to its magnificent imagery of how are the galaxies? While the Webb goes one step further and  answers the question, how did these galaxies come into being?

The James E Webb Space Telescope will observe everything from giant planets to dwarf planets, and other objects in the Solar System.

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The James E. Webb Space Telescope is launched from Europe spaceport French Guiana on an Ariane 5 rocket. It is placed at the second Lagrange point (L2) at a distance of 1.5 million km from the Earth. After separation from the rocket, the Webb took one month to reach its destination L2. This location is paradigmatic for the telescope as it will be protected from the sun, Earth and moon, and support for maintain a constant temperature. L2 is the stable position with respect to gravity, this will allow the telescope to stay in line with the Earth as it orbits the Sun. L2 is the ideal location where the Webb can always see the Sun and Earth in the same direction.

This is the first time an observatory in space has completed the complex sequence. The position of the telescope will give him a complete view of the universe. It will keep the telescope’s optics and scientific instruments cool enough to function Optimally.

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How will James E. Webb work?

The James Webb Space Telescope’s principle of operation is to capture and focus light so that we can see at greater distances. The Hubble, for which all the light sources are in the different directions, but for the Webb they are in same direction. The James E. Webb Space Telescope will proceed with the work of the first telescope. The James E-Webb Space Telescope is a big enough telescope that will be able to see smaller and cooler objects at greater distances by receiving more light. Incredibly, the James E. Webb Space Telescope can see 39% of the sky at any given time.


About the structure of the Webb, the primary mirror is concave while the secondary is convex. The basic web mirror consists of 18 hexagonal mirror sections made of gold-plated beryllium, actually the web mirrors are made up of  eighteen smaller mirrors. According to NASA, the James E. Webb Space Telescope is as long as a tennis court.


The first image sent by the James E. Webb Space Telescope is of a galaxy cluster. Webb also spotted Andromeda. The James E Webb Space Telescope has done a great job with the larger lens, preserving Jupiter’s faint and dusty rings in images of the planet itself, which is brighter than the rings. The first observation by the James E. Webb Space Telescope is an untouched view of a Wolf-Rayet star. JWST’S largest observations are to date have revealed six massive galaxies that existed between 500 million and 700 million years after the Big Bang that created the universe. It has also spotted Uranus and Neptune, which were not visible to the naked eye. The images provided by the James E. Webb space telescope show galaxies, who burdened with black holes while stars are filled with light.

Today, the images of the Webb are as fascinating as Hubble, and the subject is also a topic of discussion. The James Webb Space Telescope is a breakthrough in space exploration. This will help us better understand the universe, and answer questions about our origins and the nature of the universe.



What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency,  often called crypto-currency or crypto is any form of currency that exists digitally or virtually and uses cryptography to secure transactions. The word crypto is ascribe to multiple type of encryption algorithms, and cryptographic methods that escort safe these records such as elliptical curve encryption. It is called cryptocurrency because of the secret authentication of money transfers.

How does cryptocurrency work?

In cryptocurrencies, the block chain holds the resource, which runs all the compounding functions. Cryptocurrencies are converted into productive processes through mining. A strong key is essential after becoming a cryptocurrency owner.

Distributed ledger technology;

Distributed ledger technology is the digital system for recording the transaction of assets in which the transactions and their details are recorded in multiple places at the same time.

Cryptocurrency has a digital payment feature which does not depend on banks for certifying money proceeding. Its a peer-to-peer system that make ensure someone somewhere to send or receive the payments. It is not similar to face to face money exchange, rather cryptocurrency payments are entered securely in online inscriptions illustrate exclusive transactions. During the exchange of cryptocurrency assets the transactions are put down in public accounted. A fiat currency is authorized by a government or financial institution. While cryptocurrencies are not subject to any government or private organization.

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History of Cryptocurrency;

When first cryptocurrency introduced?

Initially, Bitcoin was first cryptocurrency released in 2009, after this many cryptocurrencies are introduced, generally, known as altcoins. Some famous cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin, and XRP.

Cryptocurrency wallets;

Best wallet for beginners.

If you’re using cryptocurrency, you’ll probably want a cryptocurrency wallet. What is a cryptocurrency wallet? In fact, these are software that is a cloud-based service is a program or an application that is stored or created through the cloud and accessed through the cloud. Wallet is the device where you store your encryption keys and connects you to the cryptocurrency after verifying your identity. Coinbase, Exodus Movement, and Met Mask are famous cryptocurrency wallets.

Coinbase wallet is the best for beginners because it’s an immediate and highly protected wallet supported by a famous exchange.

Cryptocurrency mining;

How mine cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies can be mined means they can be newly created. The process of creating new bitcoins after solved excessively intricate math problems that endorsed transactions in the currency. A computer is required for digital currency mining and you need to be familiar with mining. The wallet is another important thing to transfer the mined cryptocurrency to your wallet. The third important thing is to estimate the costs in advance to know how much profit there is.

Block chain Technology;

Block chain is a process of stored information that makes inaccess for the system to be alter, hacked, or manipulated. Block chain technology is the hub of cryptocurrency applications and services. Basically, a block chain is a collection of all the blocks connected to an online ledger. Block chain has the ability to serve for diverse sources. Block chain technology is a modern database mechanism that stores data, provides access to it, and allows data to be modified and linked. Block chain is an immutable ledger.

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Types of cryptocurrency;

Some types of cryptocurrencies were created to ease operations on block chains.


 XRP and ETH are both utility tokens, done specific functions on their specific block chains. BNB, Basic Attention Token, and ETH are example of utility tokens.


These are tokens that are used as a method of payment. ADA, XRP, ETH, and SOL are transactional tokens.


These are tokens that appear as voting or other rights on the block chain. Curve DAO, uniswap DAO, and Aave are governance tokens.


The function of these tokens is support to applications that are made to utilize the block chain. Uniswap is a platform token.

Security Tokens:

 These Tokens show possess of an asset.

Benefits of cryptocurrency;

The popularity of crypto-currency is increase due to the fact that transaction speed is high and the capital is safe. In addition, due to the impossibility of access by hackers, the number of investors investing in crypto-currencies has increased. Cryptocurrency gained more popularity because people explore substitute to prevailing shapes of money. Cryptocurrencies can be converted into other currencies just like other currencies.

  • Decentralization. The strength of cryptocurrencies is its decentralization, cryptocurrencies are autonomous and independent in their own right. The issuers of cryptocurrencies determine their value, which gives them stability. Since no government or bank is involved, no one can influence the price of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies can maintain their value continuity.
  • Transaction speed; The main benefit of cryptocurrency is its transaction speed. When the block with your transaction in it is verified by the network, the process of sending money is completed. The best aspect of cryptocurrencies is that they make it possible to make secure payments without any third party. The transactions are done speedy and at low-cost, compared lower costs than those charged by banks. By confirming the transaction in a few seconds, money can be sent anywhere instantly.
  • Transaction costs; Block chain technology provides the biggest advantage to cryptocurrencies by freely transacting without any third party partner and fees.Cryptocurrency transactions are cheap but remember that demand on the block chain can raise transaction costs. There is absolutely no need to pay any additional fees for transactions in cryptocurrencies and you can send your money anywhere without paying any charges.
  • Accessibility; Anyone can access cryptocurrency. The process of creating a cryptocurrency wallet is relatively easy compared to opening a bank account. Cryptocurrencies are very easy to access, compared to other currencies that have complex processes. They can access cryptocurrencies whenever they want without any middle party.
  • Security; It is impossible for hackers to gain access to cryptocurrency transactions, as this would require a lot of computing power. This would be necessary before validating the rest of the network ledger. Due to the complete record of transactions, misuse of cryptocurrencies can be prevented. The main benefit of cryptocurrency is that it is protected, making it inaccessible for hackers to steal or change transaction records. Cryptocurrency miners take security measures on a priority basis.
  • Privacy; Only your wallet will be registered on block chain but it will not contain much information about you.
  • Transparency; The data about amount of cryptocurrency sent or received is stored on a publicly distributed block chain ledger. The tools provide access to the data to everyone.
  • Diversification; Cryptocurrencies are quite diverse in terms of investment, Cryptocurrencies offer lucrative sources of investment, which can make it possible to earn multiple times. Cryptocurrency can renders to financiers diversification financial from traditional chattels such as stocks and bonds.Diversification is an investing strategy where you put money into various chattels and financing so your portfolio is not entirely uncovered to any single risk or chattel.
  • Protection from inflation: Cryptocurrencies are not affected by inflation, an increase in demand for cryptocurrencies increases the value of cryptocurrencies. The decentralization of cryptocurrency protects it from inflation and there is no mediation by cryptocurrency to increase inflation due to the issuance of currencies like central banks. When demand for cryptocurrencies increases the purchasing power of available cryptocurrencies decreases over time. Definitive cryptocurrencies have intrinsic values that increases over time as total demand remains constant or low.

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How to buy cryptocurrency?

To buy any cryptocurrency you have to go through the following steps.

  • Choose a cryptocurrency exchange
  • Create your account and verify it
  • Deposit cash amount for invest
  • Place your order to buy cryptocurrency
  • Choose a method to deposit cryptocurrency.

What is crypto exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where buyers and sellers meet to trade cryptocurrencies. The basic function of a crypto exchange is to send cryptocurrency to a user’s crypto wallet. Crypto exchanges also convert traditional currencies into digital currencies. Creating an account is required to access the crypto exchange.

Disadvantages of cryptocurrency;

Furthermore, there are also such loopholes in cryptocurrencies through which attackers can gain access. Besides these benefits, cryptocurrency also have some defects. Some defects of cryptocurrencies include price unsteady in the market, over-reliance on energy for mining, and use in illegal activities. Some difficulties may be faced while stocking cryptocurrencies. The use of cryptocurrencies in online shopping and retail is extremely limited.

Despite all its advantages, cryptocurrencies can also have some risks:

Scalability: The most difficulty from which industry suffers is the capable of being scaled. One of the complications with cryptocurrencies is that all the technologies required for cryptocurrencies are very limited.

Potential risks of cyber attacks: The biggest disadvantage of cryptocurrency as a digital currency is that it is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Since cyber security has not yet been able to make it completely impossible for hackers to gain access, the fear of cryptocurrencies being hacked will generally remain. In cryptocurrencies, the chances of hacker intervention are high. They can give it the direction they want, even making access to it impossible.

Fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency is a completely new currency and has no valuable track record, so fluctuations in the price of cryptocurrencies have become a norm. As long as cryptocurrency is not under the patronage of the government, investing in it will be nothing less than a risk. Since the cryptocurrency settlement system is not connected to the bank. If your cryptocurrency is stored in your digital wallet, you lose all your capital by losing it.

People’s first priority: Cryptocurrencies have shown tremendous momentum since their introduction and have flourished quickly. Many people preference the cryptocurrency, and use it for daily transactions. As people prefer cryptocurrencies, current distributed ledger technology can strive to meet the needs of cryptocurrencies. Thus, transaction speed will be slow and charges will be high.

Using in illegal activities: Another difficulty cryptocurrency faces is its popularity for being affiliation with unlawful works such as money laundering and drug smuggling. But most of the users of cryptocurrency use it for legitimate purposes.

According to block chain analysis company Chainalysis;

“15% of known cryptocurrency transactions conducted in 2021 were involved in illicit activities like cybercrime, money laundering and terrorism financing, representing a total of $14 billion”.

Absence of absolute policy: So far, no clear policy has been adopted regarding cryptocurrencies. Therefore, you cannot give any explanation for cryptocurrency being deleted or misused by hackers.

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Future of cryptocurrency?

Will cryptocurrency take over the World?

It is not yet possible to make any major predictions regarding cryptocurrencies. But in the future, crypto regulation will become stricter and the use of cryptocurrencies will increase. Despite the decline in crypto, it is emphasized that the adoption of cryptocurrencies will increase. Cryptocurrency will come out of its crisis period and go in a positive direction. Easing crypto trading and profitable investment opportunities in cryptocurrencies are about to increase. Cryptocurrency users do not need any third parties.

Cryptocurrencies have the potential to make the world a better place. We can also look at it in terms of its various benefits such as the block chain technology that helps in the functioning of cryptocurrencies cannot be altered.

Cryptocurrency can be predicted to replace all existing traditional currencies. Despite all the problems that cryptocurrencies are facing, the number of users of cryptocurrencies is increasing and it is possible that cryptocurrencies will revolutionize the world of economics. Many large companies and financial institutions have started using cryptocurrencies, and governments are scrambling for ways to make this digital currency part of their financial systems. Although cryptocurrencies can change the current financial system, it is necessary to overcome all the problems that it faces. As cryptocurrencies are being used, it is imperative for people, entrepreneurs, and governments to stay informed about this digital technology and be prepared to adopt it.


Best methods for protection of cryptocurrency;

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not without risk, especially when you are new and don’t know how to protect your crypto capital. One has to protect oneself in all ways, from crypto-violets to the possibility of cryptocurrency assets being stripped. Below are some steps that can be taken to secure cryptocurrency capital.

  • Be careful when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange. It is not like to drown your capital by falling into the hands of thugs. Before investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to make sure that your capital is in the right place and safe. Before trusting a cryptocurrency exchange, make sure that nothing is hidden from you, and that you will not face any problems.
  • Do not use without basic knowledge. Before using any cryptocurrency, gather all the information about it, how it differs from traditional currencies, how it is used, where it is used and  how it is exchanged۔
  • Choose the most secure wallet. Because all your cryptocurrency capital will be stored in wallet, so wallet is the one that ensures the safety of your money. Storeyourcryptoassetsindiversewallets. It is not right to rely on one violet when hackers want to steal your assets.Having multiple wallets can be a good step, providing freedom from the fear of money being stolen and the rest of the capital being protected in case of access by hackers. To protect the wallet, it is important to record each time you withdraw money from the wallet separately and in a different way. Require specific words or signature to withdraw money from your wallet to ensure that no one else can access your wallet. Keep Violet’s keys with you and give more than one if possible.
  • Advantages of Hardware wallet. If you want to be free from the hassle of an Internet connection and find that Hardware wallet is relatively secure, then you can definitely get a lot of benefits. This link will be completely up to you and at your will. If the wallet is lost, it will be impossible for thieves to access the money without specific codes.
  • Prefer a secure internet connection. Unlike any other currency, you will be able to trade your cryptocurrency only when you have an internet connection. Since internet connection is essential to transact cryptocurrency, prefer a secure internet connection. You should only initiate a cryptocurrency transaction when it is certain that it is no longer possible for hackers to access it.
  • Make the password complex. If you don’t want to lose your crypto capital to hackers, protect it by setting a strong password. Don’t just create a password in traditional ways, but collect it from all the cases that exist. Your password should be a mystery to hackers that makes it a joke for them to access it. Make your password extremely difficult, where it is impossible for others to guess it.
  • Your entry into cryptocurrency is determined by the keywords you choose to use yourself. With the help of these keywords, you start your investment in cryptocurrency, so you have to protect them in a way that ensures the protection of your capital. When you organize these words, consider complexity to reduce the risk of theft. It is possible that you may forget these words, so it is important to protect them.
  • Adopt a backup strategy. If you ever lose the device that your wallet is in, this method will be helpful for accessing it.
  • Ignore any stranger email, this could be your biggest chance to lose crypto assets. Some hackers’ emails may seem attractive to you, but they are actually a scam.
  • Keep your investment in cryptocurrency a complete secret. Fraudsters will want to know in various ways who is investing in cryptocurrency and once they know, they will not miss any opportunity to steal the money.

Social Health

Social health

What is social health?

Social health is defined as: ” the ability of individuals to form healthy and rewarding interpersonal relationships with others”.

Social health shows how we treat our community, have friends, have good relations with family, and our concerned for groups. Health is part of our daily conversations, people are spent a lot of money on the well-being of health. Majority of the people are unaware of social health, and meaningful relationships affect all health tremendously. Social health reveals both the quality and quantity of relationships.

Hellen Keller said:


Joining sports and book clubs, participating in forestation, incorporating others for gardening, and collecting funds together for charity are social health activities.

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How social health pertains to health of the body?

Social health pertains to the health of the body; meaningful connections means a healthy body. The health triangle consist on physical health, mental health, and social health. If one of them is weak then the overall health affected. For social health, we must have positive relationships with people and we behave better with others. Physical health indicate our body’s disease and treatment; mental health shows the morbidity of the mind. Social health reflects our connection with people around us, social health affecting both mental and physical health. Social health is the key to a healthy life, without significant relations, we experience both mental and physical problems.

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Mental health and social health are quite different; but both are mutually connected. Social isolation affecting mental health extremely like the complaint of insomnia and a higher level of stress. By creating meaningful social networks we can decrease our anxiety and depression, creates worthy trust relationships, and higher level of self-esteem.

According to “The American Journal of lifestyle medicine”:

“From physiological recent research, there is significant evidence that social support and feeling connected can help people maintain a healthy body mass index, control blood sugars, improve cancer survival, decrease cardiovascular mortality, decrease depressive symptoms, mitigate posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms, and improve overall mental health. The opposite of connection, social isolation, has a negative effect on health and can increase depressive symptoms as well as mortality”.

Good and bad social health; Social Goals

Having strong relationships with others and meaningful communications with society are shows to good social health. Relationships are necessary for good social health, good relationships affecting our mental and physical health. You can be Yourselves and being engaged with others are measures of good social health.

Following are the characteristics of good social health;

  • Keep a balance between alone and social time.
  • Adopting social situations
  • Have a joyous life.
  • Control harmful emotions, and behave others with cheerfully.
  • Ability to make friends and manage without mistrust.
  • Ability to build relationships and resolve differences.
  • Appreciate and supported by family and friends.
  • Create boundaries in friendships and relationships.

What is bad social health?

Low self-esteem, loneliness, and invariable life changes are shows to poor or bad social health, the sparseness of trust in friendships, and unsustainable relations with the community enlarges depression, anxiety, agitation, and other diseases. Lack of friendship makes life laborious, no friend means no one that help and support in difficult times.

Factors affecting our social health are mental stress, unsuitable source of transport, and our surrounding ambiance.

Bad social health examples are;

  • Realizing this situation, you are afraid that others will misunderstand you.
  • Disregarding and disgrace yourself.
  • Fear to face unfamiliar persons.
  • Fearing that others will know about your situation.

How to prevent loneliness?

It is possible to prevent loneliness and social isolation by encouraging the young to adopt social connections. Tell them that making friends has relevance for them to grasp their difficulties. Disregarding a relationship can adversely our mental health, and results come in self-torture and suicide. When we are joyless, we need social connection.

In the modern era, rates of social isolation are increase, especially in adults and old men.

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According to “The Journal of Psychology”;

“Loneliness demonstrates a non-linear U-shaped distribution. With those aged under 25 years and those aged over 65 years demonstrating the highest levels of loneliness”.

What are Social Goals?

Social goals are plans to change or expand your social life and social habits.

Talking with others politely, joining others in events, controlling outbursts, and following teamwork are examples of social goals.

Benefits of social health?

Social health are important to overall wellness, meaningful relationships make better a immune system. Social health is essential for our health, It gives us life brimming with joy and happiness. Social health facts show that better communications with community can increase our life expectancy, alleviating the hazard of heart disease, and giving best mannersof living. Outcomes of social health show that we live a life with fun and hopefully. Our proper relationships with society show that we are livable and can exist in the world.

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 Difference between social determinants and social health:

Social determinants highlight quality of education, approach to health care, access to community and financial status while social health shows our relationships with community.

Technology world and social health:

Social media are not ascribed to social health, people who are keepers of many friends on social media but deprive from sincere friends, Usually, they have weak relationships. Many types of apps induced us to make friends on social media and chat with them. Relations with friends on social media are not like meeting people confronted daily life. In life we all are suffer from illnesses or other diseases, In these circumstances, when we are smitten by stress and loneliness so our family and friends pull us out of this situation. Conversation with friends wipes out all sadness and our attention goes towards the affairs of life.

Social health and society:

 The concept of social health has contributed to both individuals and society. The health of people is checked for different features but indicators of social health are quite different. Social health displays how we treat others and how others treat us. Social health has many benefits, like recovering from loneliness, reduced stress and anxiety, and preparing people to live normally in society. Social health teaches people to cooperate, so social health fosters tolerance.

How do we maintain our social health?

  • Instead of spending time alone, we should prefer spending it with community. People whose spend time in solitary makes their lives difficult. It is better to spend time with friends or family than in loneliness.
  • When you talks then discuss topics of mutual interest and participate in the discussion.
  • Complete aspiration without adopting the wrong manners, because it was harmful for social health.
  • Improve social skills by spending the weekend with friends and during breaks in duty congregating for drink a coffee.
  • Participate in the community like visiting friends, taking part in ceremonies, nursing ill neighbors, and inviting friends to join you at birthday parties or other functions.
  • Surround yourself with caring and loving people.
  • Reach out to yourself. Don’t disregard yourself. Love and respect yourself.
  • Do not criticize others irrespectively.
  • Explore good quality relationships. Listen to others carefully and speak to others with calm.

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How to read a book?

Abookreading is called bibliophilia and is defined as “an individual who loves and frequently reads and collects books”. Bookreadingas ahobby, as entertainment, and as enhanced knowledge, readers study books to search knowledge or maximizelearningthroughreading.Bookreadingis a good habit and reading is helpful for the growth of a productive mind.

Mark Twain said:

“The man who does not read good books in no better than a man who can’t”.

Book reading reinforces the creative mind of the reader and multiplying for enhanced knowledge. A book is brimming with knowledge and every page of the book is attractive to the reader, the book on specific genres also contains subsidiary topics. If book reading is challenging, because the reader faces some difficulties with which book he chooses and how to read a book. It is possible to solve these challenges by choosing the best way of reading books.

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In this article, I highlight the best way of reading books.

1); How to choose the book?

When everyone thought to read books then the first question he keeps in his mind is how to choose a book. There are several books around you, do not scrap to these books. Choose those books about which you have already significant knowledge, by this, book reading is a source of joyous for the reader. Reading of those book from which the reader is familiar is easy, comparatively, it is difficult for reader to read the unfamiliar book. The best recommendations for book reading are opting the good books and disincline from those books which study is abstruse.

As Mark Haddon said;

“Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well”.

Choose those books which you read with dedication.

2); Book level and reading level;

Easy book reading depends on the booklevel,if the book is in accordance with the reader’s book level thenit is easy for the reader to complete the book. During the selection of the book, it will better for the reader to see the reading level of the book.

What is reading level?

“Readability is the ease with which a reader can understand a written text”.

The reading level is not associated with illiteracy these are quite different, and it means that readers face readingchallengesduring the bookreading.

These reading challenges are solved by improving the reading skills.

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3); Read the first pages carefully;

After choosing the book take the second step to be familiar about the book, and read the table of content, preface, and introduction carefully. See that book is fiction or non-fiction, fiction books consist of novels, and stories whereas non-fiction books are a different variety. Glance at the cover of the book, it is possible that the reader does not like the cover of the book but interior of the book is the source of bliss for the reader. To make bookreadingeasy, read simple and small books this it is easyto read and finish the book. Large books have intricate material and it is difficult to complete these books.

4); How to read more effectively?

Before reading assure the purpose of the reading, to read the book more effectively, take the review of the book. Review of the book denote the reader that book contain which type of material. The book review persuasive the reader to read the book, if it is according to reader’s taste.

Read the caption of the book carefully because all the content is according to the caption.

Do not go into the maze, focus on the main theme of the book. In this way, the reader easily summarizes the content.

Reading techniques play a vital role to read the book more effectively, and understanding the text of the book, and during the reading a reader must have funds of feelings. Ask the questions and explore their answers in the book.

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Which book read first?

It is difficult to decide which book to first read. Do not waste time in the search for books, the better step for easy book reading is that read those book first for which you already have background knowledge. Read those books first which you delectate because reading the books of interest enlarged your fondness. Reading bad books creates bad impressions in reader while good books increase reader taste.

What is your friends opinion about the book?

 When your friends recommend a book of any genres, not rely on their opinion. It is possible that those book is source of joy for them but not for you.

5); Read constantly and do not thought about reading speed;

Book reading should part of the you daily life. Make the habit to read a book daily, a minimum, of one page a day. In this way, you will attached to the book.

It is said that “A book is a good friend”.

A serial connection with your book, will not make your reading difficult. Reading the book consequently increases the tendency to study and constant clinging to book persists. Book reading without intermission increases the importance of the book.

What is your average reading speed?

To read 200 to 250 per minute is called the average reading speed. The question is insignificance, disregard your reading speed. Reading slowly is better than leaving the reading. When the reader studies a beloved book then there is no count of time. Reader can make better his average book reading speed by read the book regularly and concentration on the book.

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6); Read the book broadly;

 To read the book broadly reader follow two methods;

Comprehensive reading.

Analytical reading.

Read the book thoroughly, a comprehensive book reading clarifies the context. Book reading without satisfaction makes the reading complicated. Read the book in such a manner that for every page curiosity increases. A book is an ocean, after reading the book you  should have a collection of references from the book.

An analytical method is used in deep study, here reader reads the book with full attention and tries to perceive the summary of the book.

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7); Make your library;

If the reader visit the library, it takes a time to explore the favorite book. The reader will need the help of library staff, if the library issues a book then there is a demarcation of time. It is essential for the reader that he has an easy access to books, to read more advantageously reader must have his own library. Books in the library should be according to the reader’s choice and financial status.  It has many advantages like the reader can read the books unhindered. The main benefit of the library is that you can collect exclusive books and read them when you want.

(8); Incorporating reading into daily life of reader;

When a reader is away from his home and does not have access to books, it is better to have a book with him. The reader can fulfill his wish in free time in office or travel. If the reader is fond of reading, then the reader should keep the book with him when he goes somewhere else. In order to incorporate reading into the daily life of the reader, it is important that the reader does not neglect reading the book. The companion of the book is a source of happiness for the readers.

9); Read miscellaneous books;

Some readers prefer their favorite material, because they fulfill their desire to study through these books. There is a need to revise your reading material as books change rapidly. Therefore, one should consider reading different books and always studying the same books will alienate the reader from those books.

Dr. Seuss says;

“The more you read, the more things you know. The more you learn, the more places you go.”

Some readers are interested in non-fiction books, such as novels, poetry, or other literary material, and reading this particular topic is a source of comfort for them. No matter how the reader engages with the study.

(10); Visit Book exhibitions; And the importance of discussion.

Visiting bookstores and participation in books fairs is useful for learning about books. Meet authors and publishers because they provide basic instructions about the books, visiting the book exhibition increases the inclination towards books.

Participate in discussions that are about books, avid readers show their experiences and interest in any book genre. They are helpful for new readers, they can choose their genre and be taught how to read a book.